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All Vampire Art Welcome!!

While the main focus of the group is The House of Night, Vampire artwork in general is also welcome. So, if you have any other Vampire fan-art you would like to submit, that would be great! Whether its Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Vampire Academy, or anything else vampire related, its welcome here!


Zoey Redbird by IloveCooper Zoey Redbird :iconilovecooper:IloveCooper 2 0 Stark by HousexOfxNight Stark :iconhousexofxnight:HousexOfxNight 24 5 Marked Movie Poster by HousexOfxNight Marked Movie Poster :iconhousexofxnight:HousexOfxNight 5 1 Awakened Movie Poster by HousexOfxNight Awakened Movie Poster :iconhousexofxnight:HousexOfxNight 23 9 Colorized Destined Cover by HousexOfxNight Colorized Destined Cover :iconhousexofxnight:HousexOfxNight 3 7 Zoey and Stevie Rae Cosplay by emikotakahashi Zoey and Stevie Rae Cosplay :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 1 2 Earth Affinity by emikotakahashi Earth Affinity :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 1 0 Stevie Rae the Okie by emikotakahashi Stevie Rae the Okie :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 1 0 Brown Pop and Junk Food by emikotakahashi Brown Pop and Junk Food :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 4 7 First Red Vamp High Priestess by emikotakahashi First Red Vamp High Priestess :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 1 0 Redbird by emikotakahashi Redbird :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 0 0 Stevie Rae and Nala by emikotakahashi Stevie Rae and Nala :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 1 2 Zoey Redbird Cosplay by emikotakahashi Zoey Redbird Cosplay :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 4 7 The Red One by emikotakahashi The Red One :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 0 5 Stevie Rae Cosplay by emikotakahashi Stevie Rae Cosplay :iconemikotakahashi:emikotakahashi 4 1 Cherokee by zvunche Cherokee :iconzvunche:zvunche 1 0
House of Night fans, I have some books that you are going to love.. This isn't a review of the books or anything, its simply a quick summary. The first series i recommend is Vampire Academy. Its about a girl named Rose who's a Dhampire (half vampire, have human) and her best friend Lissa who is a Moroi (A good vampire). They have a psychic bond that lets Rose protect her Moroi best friend, which is what she has been trained to to do her entire life. Dhampires are guardians who protect the Moroi from the Stragoi, a race of undead, evil vampires. There is a lot more to it than that obviously. Before reading this series, my favorite book series was, hands down, The House of Night series... Now, while I still LOVE HoN, it has serious competition in my book... Vampire Academy is a 6 book series by Rachel Mead. The first book is Vampire Academy, then Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit bound, and Last Sacrifice. It has a lot of the same Magickal themes as Hon as well, with the Earth, Air, Fire and Water users, and a few other surprises.

The next series is The Southern Vampire Mysteries AKA The Sookie Stackhouse series, AKA Trueblood. It's SO much better than the series, and its a lot different. The only book that was remotely the same as the show was the first one, and even then, it was quite different. It is extremely graphic so prepare yourself for some steamy action LOL. This is a 10 book series (so far) by Charlaine Harris.

Last series is, The Mortal Instrument series, AKA City of Bones. It isn't a vampire series, but there are vampires in it. So far I've only read one of the three so I don't have a full summary yet, but what I do know is, the story so far is about people who are half angel, who fight evil. It might sound kind of lame, but its pretty good!

Anyway I have quite a few more books on my Nook that I have yet to read, and once I do, I'll post about them. :)
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